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best sundae near me

If you have a sweet tooth, nothing beats a delicious sundae on a hot summer day. But with so many ice cream shops and parlors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best sundaes near you. That’s where this ultimate ice cream guide comes in! We’ve scoured the country to bring you the most decadent and mouth-watering sundaes that will satisfy all your cravings.

Whether you prefer classic flavors or adventurous combinations, this guide has something for everyone. We’ll take you on a journey through classic ice cream parlors, unique creations, local favorites, exotic flavors, and dietary alternatives. And don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth but are watching your diet – we’ve got you covered too!

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the best sundae near you. Let’s dive in!

Exploring Classic Ice Cream Parlors

Classic ice cream parlors are a staple of American culture, and they are known for serving some of the best ice cream sundaes in the country. These establishments have been around for decades, and many of them have built up a reputation for high-quality, delicious desserts.

One such classic parlor is the famous Berthillon in Paris, France, known for its artisanal ice cream and sorbet. For those stateside, Ghirardelli in San Francisco is another classic parlor with a rich history dating back to the 1800s, famous for its decadent chocolate sundaes.

If you’re on the East Coast, consider visiting Emack & Bolio’s in Boston, which has been serving homemade ice cream since 1975. Their signature sundaes, like the “Deep Purple Cow,” are a must-try.

“There’s nothing quite like a classic ice cream parlor – the ambiance, the history, and the delicious sundaes make for an unforgettable experience.”

For those in the Midwest, check out Michigan’s own Mooville Creamery, which is known for its classic, homemade ice cream and sundaes.

When visiting classic ice cream parlors, be sure to try their signature sundaes, but don’t shy away from experimenting with new flavors and toppings as well. These establishments have stood the test of time for a reason and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

Classic Ice Cream Parlor Sundae

Exploring Classic Ice Cream Parlors – Recommendations:

  • Berthillon – Paris, France
  • Ghirardelli – San Francisco, CA
  • Emack & Bolio’s – Boston, MA
  • Mooville Creamery – Nashville, MI

Indulging in Unique Sundae Creations

For those seeking a new taste experience, unique sundae creations offer exciting flavor combinations and artistic presentations. These one-of-a-kind sundaes push the boundaries of traditional sundae offerings, incorporating artisanal ingredients and unexpected toppings.

One notable example is the Matcha Madness sundae from Milk Bar in New York City. This sundae features matcha soft serve, black sesame crunch, and toasted mochi, all topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Milk Bar’s innovative approach to sundae making has earned them a reputation as one of the best dessert destinations in the city.

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If you’re in San Francisco, don’t miss the Secret Breakfast sundae from Humphry Slocombe. This unique creation features bourbon ice cream, Cornflake cookies, and a caramel swirl. The combination of sweet and savory flavors makes for a truly unforgettable sundae experience.

For those looking for a more whimsical take on sundaes, head to Snow Monster in California, where they serve their signature Unicorn Elote sundae. This colorful treat features cotton candy ice cream topped with Fruity Pebbles, corn nuts, and a rainbow lollipop. The playful presentation is sure to please both kids and adults.

“These one-of-a-kind sundaes push the boundaries of traditional sundae offerings, incorporating artisanal ingredients and unexpected toppings.”

If you’re in the mood for something more tropical, take a trip to Hawaii and try the Shave Ice Sundae from Waiola Shave Ice. This unique sundae combines traditional shave ice with ice cream, mochi balls, and sweet beans.

Whether you’re a fan of bold flavor combinations or artistic presentations, unique sundae creations offer something for everyone. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these creative sundaes that go beyond the traditional flavors.

Unique Sundae Creations

Exploring Local Favorites

If you’re looking for a more unique sundae experience, look no further than your local independent sundae shops. These hidden gems offer a range of flavors and toppings that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

One of the best things about local sundae shops is their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. From homemade sauces to locally sourced fruits, these shops offer a true taste of the community.

One popular local favorite is Sweet Rose Creamery in Santa Monica, CA. This shop boasts a rotating menu of seasonal flavors and homemade toppings. Their signature sundae, The Brown Derby, features homemade caramel sauce, candied walnuts, and whipped cream on top of their classic vanilla ice cream.

“At Sweet Rose Creamery, we make everything by hand, in small batches, using only the best ingredients.” – Sweet Rose Creamery

Another beloved sundae shop is Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City. This shop offers unique flavors such as Black Cherry, Salted Pretzel Caramel, and Durian Banana. Their signature sundae, The Banana Split, features three scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, caramelized banana, and whipped cream.

No matter where you are in the country, there are sure to be local sundae shops that offer their own unique flavors and sundaes. Do some research and ask locals for recommendations to uncover hidden gems in your area.

Local favorites sundae shop

Trying Exotic Sundae Flavors

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, why not indulge in exotic sundae flavors from around the world? From seasonal fruits to tropical spices, sundaes can be found in a variety of unique and exciting flavors.

One popular exotic flavor is matcha, a finely ground green tea powder used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha adds a rich, earthy flavor and vibrant green color to sundaes. You can find matcha sundaes at many Japanese ice cream parlors or specialty dessert shops.

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Another unique sundae flavor is durian, a fruit native to Southeast Asia with a distinct, pungent aroma. Despite its odor, durian is a prized delicacy in many Asian cultures and is often used in ice cream. If you’re feeling daring, try a durian sundae for a truly authentic taste of Asia.

“Exotic flavors allow for cultural exploration through food, creating new connections and experiences.”

For those with a sweet tooth, try a tropical sundae with fresh mango, coconut flakes, and a pineapple or passion fruit sauce. These sundaes are perfect for a summer day and transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise.

Looking for something spicy? Try a Mexican-inspired sundae with chili-infused chocolate sauce, cinnamon ice cream, and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. This bold and flavorful sundae will satisfy your sweet and spicy cravings.

Overall, trying exotic sundae flavors can be a fun and exciting way to explore different cultures through food. Whether you opt for matcha, durian, or a tropical sundae, you’re sure to discover new and delicious flavors that broaden your horizons.

exotic sundae flavors

Enjoying Sundae Alternatives for Dietary Preferences

Sundaes are a delicious treat, but not everyone can enjoy them due to dietary restrictions. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that are just as tasty and cater to specific dietary needs.

For those who are vegan, there are plenty of options available. Many ice cream shops offer dairy-free ice cream made from coconut, almond, or soy milk. Toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, and vegan chocolate syrup can make a vegan sundae just as satisfying as the traditional version.

If you have a gluten intolerance or allergy, make sure to inquire about gluten-free options. Some shops offer gluten-free cones or waffle bowls, while others may substitute the traditional toppings for gluten-free alternatives. Consider trying a sundae with fresh fruit, caramel or fudge sauce, and whipped cream for a delicious gluten-free option.

For those who avoid dairy, there are also plenty of dairy-free options available. Many shops offer sorbet, which is a fruit-based frozen dessert that is naturally dairy-free. Other alternatives include dairy-free ice cream made from coconut or almond milk, which can be paired with various toppings to create a delicious sundae.

Trying a new dietary lifestyle, such as keto or paleo, doesn’t mean skipping out on sundaes altogether. Consider trying a low-carb ice cream made with natural sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia. Add toppings like nuts, coconut flakes, or dark chocolate chips for a decadent and healthy alternative.

Remember to always inquire about specific dietary needs at ice cream shops and ask for recommendations. You may be surprised at the amount of options available.

sundae alternatives for dietary preferences

Best Sundae Chains: Expanding Your Options

If you’re looking for a quick and consistent sundae fix, national chains are a great option. Some of the best sundae chains offer a wide variety of flavors and toppings, allowing you to experiment and find your perfect combination. Here are some of our top picks for nationwide sundaes.

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Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery is known for their “mix-ins,” which are fun toppings like candy, fruit, and baked goods that are mixed into the ice cream right in front of you. They have a wide range of ice cream flavors, including some unique options like Cotton Candy and Banana Caramel Crunch. Their signature “Create Your Own” option allows you to choose your ice cream flavor and mix-ins, making it a personalized sundae experience.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a classic American chain that has been serving ice cream treats for over 70 years. Their soft serve ice cream is a crowd pleaser, and they offer a variety of sundaes with toppings like hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream. Their signature “Blizzard” is a creamy blend of soft serve with mix-ins like candy, cookies, and fruit.


Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, with over 8,000 locations in 50 countries. They offer a wide variety of flavors, including some seasonal options like Peppermint Bark and Winter White Chocolate. Their sundaes come in classic flavors like Hot Fudge and Caramel Turtle, but they also offer a “Build Your Own Sundae” option that allows you to choose your ice cream, toppings, and sauces.

Best Sundae Chains

“National chains are a great option if you’re looking for a quick and consistent sundae fix.”

While these chains may be found across the United States, it’s important to note that not all locations may offer the same flavors or toppings. It’s worth checking out their menu online or calling your local branch to see what they have on offer before you visit.


After exploring the many options for the best sundaes near you, it’s clear that satisfying your sweet tooth has never been easier or more delightful. Whether you prefer classic flavors and ambiance or exotic creations from around the world, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and adventurous, like a unique flavor combination or a specialty sundae. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

For those with dietary preferences, there are plenty of options available, from vegan and gluten-free sundaes to dairy-free alternatives that taste just as delicious.

And let’s not forget the national sundae chains for when you’re on the go and craving consistent quality and flavor.

So go ahead, indulge in a delicious sundae and share your recommendations with friends and family. There’s no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than by exploring the best sundaes near you.

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