Discover Top Things to Do in Murray KY – Ultimate Travel Guide

things to do in murray ky

If you’re looking for a charming Southern destination, Murray KY should definitely be on your list. Located in southwestern Kentucky, Murray boasts a diverse range of attractions and activities that will suit all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventures, arts and culture, or family-friendly fun, Murray KY has something for you.

From historic sites to natural beauty, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Murray KY. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s always something new to discover. This ultimate travel guide will give you an overview of the top things to do in Murray KY, including the best attractions, activities, and destinations to check out.

Keep reading to find out more about the top things to do in Murray KY, from historic sites to outdoor adventures, and everything in between.

Exploring the Historic Sites

If you’re interested in history, Murray KY has plenty to offer. Start by visiting Murray State University, the largest employer in the region with over 10,000 students and 1,000 faculty and staff. The university dates back to 1922 and is home to several historic buildings, including Lovett Auditorium and Pogue Library.

For a glimpse into Murray’s past, head to the Murray Court Square. It is the heart of the city, featuring elegant 19th-century architecture and a beautiful fountain in the center. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the many shops, boutiques, and restaurants on the square.

The Wrather West Kentucky Museum is another must-see attraction for history buffs. The museum features exhibits showcasing the history and culture of western Kentucky and houses a vast collection of artifacts, including quilts, weapons, and Native American art.

Murray State University

At Murray State University, take a tour of the campus to see the historic buildings and learn about the university’s rich history. The Pogue Library, built in 1959, is home to a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and artifacts relating to western Kentucky’s history. The Lovett Auditorium, built in 1925, hosts a variety of performances throughout the year, including concerts, plays, and lectures.

Visitors to the Murray Court Square can enjoy the historic buildings while exploring the many shops and restaurants. Be sure to visit the courthouse, which dates back to 1917 and features stunning architecture. The square also hosts several events throughout the year, including the annual Freedom Fest celebration on July 4th.

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The Wrather West Kentucky Museum is a treasure trove of history. The museum features exhibits on the Native American cultures of the region, as well as the history of Murray and western Kentucky. Visitors can see artifacts from the Civil War, including weapons and uniforms, as well as items from the home front, such as quilts and household objects.

Exploring the Historic Sites

“The history of Murray is rich and diverse, and exploring the historic sites is a must-do for visitors to the area.”

Enjoying Outdoor Adventures in Murray KY

If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, Murray KY has plenty to offer. One of the most popular destinations is Kentucky Lake, a massive man-made lake that spans more than 160,000 acres. It’s perfect for fishing, boating, and water sports, and there are plenty of marinas and rental facilities in the area to help you get started.

Another great option is the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. This massive park covers more than 170,000 acres and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. You can go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and even visit an elk and bison prairie.

If you’re interested in camping in Murray KY, you’ll find plenty of options. The nearby Murray-Calloway County Park has several campgrounds with a range of amenities, including full hookups, showers, laundry facilities, and more. You can also find private campsites and cabin rentals in the area.

Kentucky Lake

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or just looking for a fun day in the sun, there’s something for everyone in Murray KY. Come and explore the natural beauty of this charming town and make some unforgettable memories.

Experiencing Murray KY’s Arts and Culture

In addition to outdoor activities and historical sites, Murray KY also boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene. Visitors can immerse themselves in local arts and entertainment by visiting the top attractions in the area.

Playhouse in the Park

The Playhouse in the Park is a local theater that produces a variety of shows throughout the year. From classic plays to contemporary productions, the Playhouse offers something for everyone. The theater also hosts events and educational programs for children and adults, making it a great destination for all ages. Visitors can check the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Playhouse’s website.

Murray Art Guild

Murray Art Guild

The Murray Art Guild is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes local artists. It offers exhibitions, workshops, and classes for both beginners and advanced artists. The guild also hosts the annual Ice Cream Social, a popular event that features music, art, and of course, ice cream. Visitors to Murray KY can visit the Murray Art Guild’s gallery and gift shop, which is open Tuesday through Saturday.

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Murray Shakespeare Festival

The Murray Shakespeare Festival is an annual event that celebrates the works of William Shakespeare. The festival includes performances, workshops, and lectures, all centered around the famous playwright. Visitors can engage in the festival’s activities and enjoy the timeless tales of love, betrayal, and tragedy. The festival typically takes place in the summer, so visitors can plan their trip accordingly.

If you’re looking for arts and culture in Murray KY, be sure to check out these top attractions. The Playhouse in the Park, Murray Art Guild, and Murray Shakespeare Festival offer unique experiences that showcase the local talent and creativity.

Indulging in Local Cuisine and Shopping

If you’re looking to indulge in local cuisine and shopping, Murray KY has plenty of options to choose from. Start your culinary journey with a visit to one of the many Murray KY restaurants that offer a taste of Southern comfort food. Murray’s BBQ is a local favorite that serves up mouth-watering pulled pork, smoked brisket, and other BBQ specialties. For a taste of Greek cuisine, visit Athena’s Gyro and Chicken, where you can enjoy gyros, souvlaki, and other Greek favorites.

For those looking for fresh produce and local products, the Murray-Calloway County Farmer’s Market is a must-visit. Here, you’ll find a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other locally-sourced goods. If you’re in the mood for shopping, head to Murray Main Street, where you’ll find a charming selection of shops and boutiques. Browse through vintage finds at Miss McGillicuddy’s Antiques and Cafe, or check out handmade jewelry and accessories at Pretty Posies Boutique.

Restaurant Address Contact
Murray’s BBQ 1305 Lowes Dr (270) 767-0000
Athena’s Gyro and Chicken 407 S 12th St (270) 753-6211

Don’t forget to sample some delicious sweet treats while you’re in town. The Sweet Shoppe is a local favorite for its cupcakes, cakes, and other delectable desserts. And if you’re in the mood for something refreshing, Java Cafe serves up a variety of gourmet coffee drinks and smoothies.

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Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, fresh produce, or just some retail therapy, Murray KY has something for everyone.

Murray-Calloway County Farmer’s Market

Family-Friendly Activities in Murray KY

When it comes to family fun, Murray KY has plenty of options for all ages. From water parks to science centers, there’s no shortage of activities to keep everyone entertained. Here are some of the top family-friendly attractions in Murray KY:

Murray Aquatic Center

Looking for a way to cool off on a hot summer day? The Murray Aquatic Center is the perfect place to make a splash. With a lazy river, water slides, and a children’s play area, there’s something for everyone. The center also offers swimming lessons and fitness classes for those looking to stay active in the water.

Murray Aquatic Center

Murray-Calloway County Park

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, the Murray-Calloway County Park is the place to be. With over 800 acres of land, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Take a hike, have a picnic, or play a game of frisbee golf. There’s also a playground and a fishing pond for the younger kids.

Challenger Learning Center

For a unique and educational experience, visit the Challenger Learning Center. This space education facility offers simulated space missions, planetarium shows, and hands-on exhibits. It’s a great way for kids to learn about science and space in a fun and interactive way.

These are just a few of the family-friendly activities in Murray KY. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or indoor fun, there’s something for everyone in this charming city.


Murray KY is a charming and diverse destination that offers something for everyone. From exploring its rich history and culture to enjoying the great outdoors and indulging in local cuisine and shopping, there are many top things to do in Murray KY.

Visitors can discover the beauty of Kentucky Lake and the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, immerse themselves in arts and culture at the Playhouse in the Park and Murray Art Guild, and have fun with the family at the Murray Aquatic Center and Challenger Learning Center.

With its numerous attractions and activities, Murray KY is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Southern hospitality and charm. Start planning your trip today and discover all that this wonderful city has to offer.

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